Counter-Strike: Global Offensive attempts to reduce toxic voice behaviour

CS:GO Squelching the Noise promo image
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is implementing a new muting system to try and reduce unwanted behaviours over voice chat in the game. It uses the current reporting system so that it's up to the community to decide what is unacceptable behaviour.

Currently, muting players in CS:GO requires a directed action, either by muting a select person or activating it for everybody. Voice communication is rather important in Counter-Strike, so activating global mute is generally not a desired option.

The new system works by tallying reports and preemptively putting players into a default muted state if they receive a lot of 'Communication Abuse' reports over time. Then it's up to the other players in a match to decide whether or not they want to unmute the player. It will take a certain amount of XP to get out of this muted state.

Players will be warned in advance before they become default muted. So there's no excuse for continued, unwanted voice chat behaviour.

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