Helpful tools for Linux gaming

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Below is collection of tools and applications for Linux users with a focus on gaming. This page is continually updated so set a bookmark and check back regularly.

Game Launchers

  • Steam - online game store and client
  • Lutris - open source game launcher with good Wine integration to play many popular Windows-only games
  • Heroic Games Launcher - open source game launcher to simplify running games from the Epic Games Store and GOG
  • BlueMaxima's Flashpoint - open source launcher for thousands older web-based/Flash games
  • Prism Launcher - a Minecraft instance and mod manager

Mouse, Keyboard, and Peripheral Tools

  • Piper and libratbag - daemon and GUI to configure settings of many gaming mice (mostly Logitech)
  • OpenRazer - drivers and user-space daemon for managing Razer gaming products
  • polychromatic - a GUI that interfaces with OpenRazer to configure and manage Razer gaming products
  • RazerGenie - a Qt GUI that interfaces with OpenRazer to configure and manage Razer gaming products
  • Oversteer - a desktop application to configure Logitech racing wheels
  • xow - user-space driver for Xbox One wireless dongle
  • xone - kernel driver for Xbox One controllers and wireless dongle, recommended over xow
  • GH Live Dongle - HID driver for Activision GH Live PS3 and Wii U Guitar devices


  • gamemode - from Feral Interactive, allows performance optimizations to be temporarily applied when launching games

Streaming and Recording

  • Steam Link - stream games from a Steam host PC to a variety of other devices
  • Open Broadcaster Software - screencapture and video streaming application. Nvidia users recommended to get from Snap or Flatpak if your distribution supports them for NVENC
  • NoiseTorch - noise suppression tool for recording and streaming
  • MangoHUD - a Vulkan and OpenGL performance overlay and benchmarking utility

Last update: 2023-06-02

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