Please Follow - a short horror adventure

Please Follow screenshot
From the creators of the original Please comes Please Follow, another surreal horror experience. The creators have really nailed the feeling of being somewhere, or doing something, you shouldn't.

The developers describe the plot:
In the official timeline, a lone surviving soldier ventures into the tunnels dug by the opposing forces. Deep inside the bowels of the battlefield, they come into contact with a presence that will open their mind to worlds and events better left unseen.
The game has a sort-of retro look to it with low-res textures and a CRT filter. The textures also seem to change shape as the player moves around, much like in the first Please but not quite as pronounced. It ends up creating a pretty interesting effect.

Admittedly, I did enjoy the original a bit more than Please Follow. I thought the environments were more interesting. However, if you enjoyed the first Please or No Players Online then this is certainly worth a playthrough.

Please Follow is available on