Rust Developers Offering Refunds for Linux Users

Rust screenshot
After Facepunch, the developers of Rust, announced upcoming changes to the Linux version of Rust, there was quite an uproar from Linux gamers. The changes would have seen the Linux version diverging from the Mac/Windows versions and would have made crossplay impossible.

In the wake of the fervour, Facepunch have now announced that they will be dropping Linux support entirely and are offering refunds to anybody that played Rust on Linux at least once. To ensure eligibility, Garry recommends logging into Rust in the coming weeks since Valve's history is limited.

A refund is what most players seemed to be asking for after the initial announcement so hopefully this brings closure to the issue. And hopefully not too many Windows/Mac players abuse the refund policy.

Whether the negative reactions were warranted or not, it's always a disappointment to lose a developer on Linux.



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