Steam 'Grand Prix' Summer Sale begins today

Steam Summer Sale image
Hopefully your wishlist is up-to-date because the Steam Summer Sale for 2019 is officially underway. And keeping up with tradition, the website is under heavy load and not fully functional at the moment. Normally things settle down within an hour or two.

Usually Valve also has some sort of extra event during the sale involving trading cards, or other mini-games. It's likely this year will be no different but we won't know until the site comes back online. It will be interesting to see if Valve is really feeling the heat from the Epic Games Store and comes out swinging with this year's sale.

There's another reason to keep your wishlist updated for this year's 'Grand Prix' event. During the event, users select one of five teams and earn points towards their team by completing daily quests. At the end of each day, players from the top 3 teams will receive free games randomly selected selected from the top of their wishlist.

What are you hoping to pick up this year? Leave a comment below.



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