Potential new Steam library UI leaked in the Chinese CS:GO client

SteamDB has posted some screenshots on Twitter today from a potential leaked version of the new, talked-about Steam library UI update. Tyler McVicker of Valve News Network also has a summary YouTube video detailing some of what the new library UI might have to offer.

The following images in this article are from SteamDB on Twitter

Steam Library UI Leak image 1
The first thing noticeable is the new dual-pane 'Library Home' view. There's the familiar list of games on the left but a new landing page on the right which shows titles from you library and additional information like recent game updates. Game cards are also now vertical rectangles instead of horizontal, reminiscent of a physical game box. Hopefully this is configurable since, on a typical 1080p display, vertical space tends to be at more of a premium.

This large view also serves a results page when searching your own Steam library. An improved search features options for filtering by genre, tags, and even game states like 'unplayed' or 'completed'. This could make sifting through a large library of games a little bit easier than Steam's current system.

Steam Library UI Leak image 2
The game view page has also been altered to show much more relevant information on the selected game, things like if the game has been updated since your last play session. News updates and the workshop are featured much more prominently than in the current Steam library, making updates more obvious when just casually browsing through games. You'll also be able to see activity from your friends on each particular game from within game page itself.

I'm really digging the new game page layout. It almost turns each game page into a mini-community with friend updates and news stories related to that game. I can already imagine Esports tournaments or live streams being prominently displayed when you go to launch Dota 2, for example.

Share your thoughts in the comments about the new layout.



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