Survivorlike - Halls of Torment - enters early access

Despot's Game screenshot

Developed by Chasing Carrots using the Godot Engine, Halls of Torment is very cool take on the growing genre of roguelike bullet hell games. A genre I'm starting to call survivorlikes since I believe the recent interest stems from the success of Vampire Survivors.

Halls of Torment is what happens when somebody wants to make a survivorlike while saying to themselves, "But what if Diablo?" Its aesthetic calls back to the dark fantasy look of Blizzard's classic ARPG games while keeping the addicting gameplay combination of roguelikes and twinstick shooters.

The gameplay involves wandering through an endless dungeon and fighting off waves of successively more powerful creatures. All while leveling up, unlocking abilities, and finding loot to further improve your character. There are more than enough monsters to keep combat interesting and, with several playable characters already, there's a lot to explore in terms of character builds.

It's extremely satisfying where the whole screen starts filling up with baddies only to be wiped off the board your character's attacks. Monsters drop XP gems when they die, and picking up a screen full of XP to level up never seems to get old. A good comparison might be the Secret Cow Level in Diablo 2, only with way more monsters and way more variety.

Having just entered early access on Steam, there's already quite a bit content available including multiple environments, quests, bosses, and playable characters. The quests, in particular, add a bit of longevity to the game by giving players opportunities to mix up their playstyles in pursuit of completing objectives.

Halls of Torment is available now on Steam with a native Linux build!