Open-source game engine - Godot 4.0 stable - is here

Godot 4 editor screenshot

Godot, the darling of open-source game engines, has just had a big milestone with its stable 4.0 release. This comes after over 3 years of development from the contributors and improves almost every aspect of including: 3D, 2D, scripting, physics, lighting, and more.

The official release announcement, written by GDQuest, has an amazing breakdown of the biggest changes and additions to Godot 4.0 (also in video form). I suggest checking out this article for a comprehensive list of Godot's exciting new features.

Godot has also been growing in popularity among retail releases on Steam. The chart below shows the number of monthly Steam releases using the Godot engine, according to SteamDB. Godot really started to pick up in 2020 and now with the release of 4.0, we may see another inflection point.

Chart showing number of Godot releases on Steam between 2015 and 2023

I think there is an exciting future for Godot 4.0 and I am looking forward to see what types of cool games people are able to create.