Jump start your own Godot narrative adventure with gd_fpcc

Godot screenshot running the gd_fpcc project

Godot first-person character controller, or gd_fpcc, is an open source, MIT licensed Godot project to help build narrative adventure games.

Created by Callum Mackay (aka MenacingMecha), a UK-based game designer and programmer, gd_fpcc provides the basic skeleton gameplay and mechanics of a walking simulator style game. Everything you need to get the ball rolling on your own game.

Features of gd_fpcc include:

  • Simultaneous keyboard and mouse or gamepad input
  • Interacting with objects in the environment
  • Smooth walking up and down ramps

MenacingMecha has also done a couple of other cool Godot demos like a PSX style shader and an N64 shader. In my opinion, the PSX aesthetic fits really well in walking sims, especially in a horror game like Please.

A common saying is that the most difficult task on a new undertaking is getting started. Well, now somebody else has done that step already so anyone is free to jump right into the game-making process. I love seeing these types of project as they remove some barriers for people to get into game design and development.

The Godot community is a really inviting space and props to MenacingMecha for creating such a cool project and releasing it for everybody.

For more information on gd_fpcc and source code check out the GitHub page. And visit https://menacingmecha.github.io/ to find out more about the author.