Noise suppression tool NoiseTorch v0.12.0 is out after a community audit

NoiseTorch screenshot

Two weeks ago, following a suspected security breach of the main developer's system, the GitHub repository for NoiseTorch was taken down. After a community audit that turned up nothing unusual, the NoiseTorch repo has been restored and a new version is available.

NoiseTorch is an opensource tool that brings high quality background noise cancelling to Linux. It targets both PulseAudio and PipeWire so should be compatible with most modern Linux systems.

For more information about the breach and what was done to handle it, the team recommends reading through two discussion threads here and here.

Along with the restoration of the repository, version 0.12.0 was also released. Changes mainly target the release process of the project to ensure more transparency and better overall workflow security.

Setting up NoiseTorch is pretty straightforward with the GUI after installation. Simply configure a threshold and input source, and you're good to go. A new audio input device 'NoiseTorch Microphone' should now be available to be used as any other input source for other applications.

NoiseTorch is an excellent piece of software for anybody that uses a microphone regularly for streaming or virtual meetings. It's great to have it back and be reasonably assured by the community that it is not compromised.