Steam Deck replacement parts now available on iFixit

Steam Deck with a case

During the original announcement of the Steam Deck, Valve said they would be partnering with iFixit for replacement parts. Well, today that promise was kept and almost every component in the Steam Deck is available for purchase from the teardown and repair retailer.

Not only are replacement parts available, but iFixit also has detailed replacement guides, for every part they stock and more, to illustrated the process. Complete with plenty of clear, high-res images to keep you on track.

If you happen to be an Index VR owners, you'll be happy to know that iFixit is stocking replacement parts for the headset as well. Again, will a slew of detailed guides.

It's great to see an initiative like this for a piece of hardware from such a large company. I think it gives Steam Deck owners a lot of confidence that they'll be able to continue using their device for a long time. Although, hopefully none of this is ever needed for most customers.