ScummVM 2.2.0 gets support for Interactive Fiction engines and games

Beneath a Steel Sky screenshot

If you're into retro computer games, you've probably already heard of ScummVM. Originally designed to re-implement LucasArts' point-and-click adventure game engine, it has since been expanded to included many other retro games as well.

Titled ScummVM "Interactive Fantasy", the 2.2.0 update now supports many Interactive Fiction engines and games, including the very first in the genre: Colossal Cave Adventure (1976). That's some seriously retro gaming.

In addition to this, ScummVM now also plays the following titles:

  • Blazing Dragons
  • Eye of the Beholder - Sega CD version
  • Griffon Legend
  • Interactive Fiction games
  • Operation Stealth
  • Police Quest: SWAT
  • Prince and the Coward, English translation
  • Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar
  • Ultima VI - The False Prophet
  • Ultima VIII - Pagan

Of course there are also a bunch more improvements in this release. Check out the release notes for a full breakdown.

ScummVM already supported a ridiculous amount of games, and this update just makes things better. Well done to all the contributors on this great release.



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