The Minecraft Nether Update is out today

Minecraft Nether Update screenshot

Mojang have finally turned their attention to the Nether in the latest Minecraft update. Version 1.16 greatly expands the region by adding new biomes, blocks, creeps, and materials.

Four new biomes are introduced in this update: Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, Soulsand Valley, and Basalt Deltas. Both new "forest" biomes are themed with giant fungi instead of trees, while the Soulsand Valley and Basalt Deltas biomes are ashen landscapes infested with skeletons and magma cubes. Each of the new areas also features their own unique blocks to play around with.

Nether mobs have also been revamped. Among the new creatures is a brand new race of pig-men called Piglins. Found mainly in the Crimson Forest, they're in love with gold. Bring some gold armour with you or risk being attacked on sight.

A new material, Netherite, has also been introduced. Netherite can be crafted from Ancient Debris, a rare material that is found inside lava in the Nether. Ancient Debris is then refined and combined with gold to create Netherite Ingots. Armour, weapons, and tools crafted from Netherite are stronger and more durable than even diamonds.

For a full overview of the changes, check out the official announcement post. Or log in yourself and head to the Nether. The Nether Update is already available from the Minecraft Launcher.



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