Raspberry Pi 4 doubles RAM to 8GB and tests 64-bit OS

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced some improvements today for their ubiquitous single-board computer. The on-board memory of the Raspberry Pi 4 has been doubled to a nice round 8GB. This comes because of the availability of new, higher memory LPDDR4 chips that fit the current design. The Raspberry Pi 4 now comes in 2, 4, and 8GB variants with prices ranging from 35USD to 75USD.

Also announced, alongside today's new board revision, was the re-branding of Raspian to Raspberry Pi OS. It's still the same Debian based distro most users are familiar with, but with a new name. The stated reason for the change is to make it more clear that this is the officially supported OS. With Ubuntu and others also having builds for the Raspberry Pi, I can understand their want to identify the official solution for newcomers.

Now that the available RAM on the RPi has exceeded 4GB, it makes much more sense for Pi Foundation to begin fully supporting a 64-bit version of their OS; and they've done just that. A beta test version of Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit) is now available for those who want to jump in right away and test things out.

Between Steam Link for streaming games from your PC, and RetroPie for emulation, the Raspberry Pi makes a great addition to a home-theatre setup for gaming. And while the increase in RAM probably won't impact performance as much as a processor upgrade would for gaming, it's great to have more options available.



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