Albion Online has some new content planned for this year

Albion Online Screenshot
Sandbox Interactive's full-loot MMO, Albion Online, continues to see regular updates. Earlier this year we saw the release of the Queen Update which overhauled the game's major PvP zone. It also implemented changes to territories to make guild versus guild gameplay more balanced.

Now, in a recent Dev Talk, SBI have shared their plans for Albion Online going forward. Announced in the Dev Talk were two additions aimed at solo and small group gameplay: Roads of Avalon and corrupted solo dungeons.

Roads of Avalon act like temporary connections to different parts of the Albion overworld. Only a limited number of players are able to enter these areas which encourages soloing and small groups. Smaller guilds will even be able to settle in these regions which should create an interesting dynamic.

Corrupted solo dungeons are sprawling non-linear dungeons designed for a single player. After entering the dungeon, the entrance closes and becomes inaccessible to other players. However, there is the possibility, for players currently in a dungeon, to invade the corrupted dungeon of another player. This guarantees at most a 1-on-1 PvP encounter so soloers don't have to worry about getting squad ganked.

In addition to these new gameplay options, the Sandbox Interactive team wants to revitalize faction warfare on the Royal Continent. They envision it as a way to engage players in large-scale combat without the need to venture into the PvP-oriented Outlands areas, and to get players to identify more with the game's factions.

Check out SBI's official post for a bit more information, and to learn more about the game.



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