Hand-drawn platformer Mission Zigloton looks great and is developed on Godot

Mission Zigloton screenshot
Created mostly by Ben Lega using Godot, Mission Zigloton is a fun little platformer with a cast of unique hand-drawn characters. Playing as the alien Zigloton, your mission is to steal a crown from a mysterious planet and get out. Of course, that's easier said than done and there will be some challenges along the way.

In addition to the, sometimes difficult, platforming elements, there's a surprising amount of gameplay variety for such a short experience. You'll need to solve different kinds of puzzles, sneak around in a barrel, and even learn to dance in order to progress. I don't think the game would have been nearly as memorable without these.

The hand-drawn art of Mission Zigloton is something memorable as well. I was getting some strong Rayman and Child of Light vibes from the art and characters. The main character, Zigloton, has a great look and I really hope to see more of the little dude in the future.

Mission Zigloton is available for free on Steam and on itch.io.



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