xow lets you use the Xbox One wireless dongle on Linux

Picture of the official Xbox One Wireless Dongle
From the work of one intrepid engineering student, the Xbox One wireless dongle is now mostly usable on Linux. xow is a user space driver for the wireless dongle that will talk to, and sync with, most Xbox One controllers.

Almost all Xbox One controllers are currently working with xow. The exception being the very first run of Xbox One controllers that lacked the headphone jack. And while the GitHub page lists the Elite 2 as 'untested' some reports from users have mentioned that it currently works. Both dongle variations are also working.

My personal experience has been quite good. After installing xow and enabling the systemd service, I was able to pair my original Elite controller. Once paired, it will automatically connect when turned on. I tested it in a few games and it behaved just like a wired connection.

It's quite incredible that, thanks to a curious 18 year-old engineering student, the Xbox One wireless dongle is now usable on Linux. Between libratbag/Piper and xow, Linux is gaining some rather good community support for modern gaming accessories.



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