Flashpoint is a webgame archival project with thousands of games

Flashpoint screenshot
BlueMaxima's Flashpoint aims to tackle the problem of browser games slowly disappearing from the web. It's both an archival project and a launcher that makes it easy to revisit a ton of great freeware browser games. Much like Lutris does for desktop games, the Flashpoint Launcher does for browser games.

The open source Flashpoint Launcher serves as a frontend to many different web technologies like: Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Java Applets, etc. Most of these backends are closed-source and were never originally made to support Linux, so Flashpoint runs them via Wine on Linux.

Around 30,000 different games are archived and available through Flashpoint on Linux. However, not all are playable due to some currently unsupported backends, such as ActiveX, and the Linux build lagging slightly behind the Windows release. The most popular Flash and Shockwave games seem to run great though and everything I tested ran perfectly. Visit the Linux support page for more information on the current state of things on Linux.

Flashpoint screenshot
Running the Flashpoint binary is quite easy with just a few steps:
  • Download and extract the launcher (or visit the official support page and download from there)
  • Install PHP and Wine from your package manager
  • Launch the executable in the 'Launcher' directory
I have to say, it's quite a blast of nostalgia playing these old browser games, many of which hold up surprisingly well.

The team behind BlueMaxima's Flashpoint is always looking for more help and they recommend visiting their Discord if you'd like to get involved.



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