Slay some skellies and practice your words-per-minute in Type Knight

Type Knight screenshot
Type Knight is a bite-sized indie game that will have you practising your typing in order to kill the bad guys. The knight character slowly walks through a seemingly never-ending graveyard taking on skeletons, bats, and sorcerers. Type the words quickly in order to kill them before they reach you.

The pixel graphics give off a nice moody aesthetic and the original music is also quite good. Both of these elements fit in nicely with the setting.

The game is rather short; however, the difficulty customization options available do offer a decent amount of replayability. Depending on whether you want to practice your typing, or just kill some skeletons, you should be able to find an appropriate challenge.

One interesting feature is the option to import your own word set to be used in the game. It could be a pretty fun way to practice some more technical words.

Type Knight is a small game for a small price, but definitely worth the cost of admission. It's currently available on Steam.



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