Dota Underlords - The Big Update

Dota Underlords Big Update banner
Development on Dota Underlords continues at a rapid pace with it's next large update aptly named The Big Update.

Two of the Underlords, Hobgen and Anessix, are finally making their appearance in the game. Each Underlord has a set of talents that can be unlocked during each match as it progresses. This should bring an additional layer of strategy to each match.

Twelve new heroes are also being added to the current roster, bringing with them a bunch of balance changes to incorporate them into the hero pool. With so many heroes now, and since the amount of heroes available for purchase at the beginning of each round is limited, a certain subset will be disabled every day. This is to ensure levelling up is not too difficult due to the sheer number of heroes.

It's also now possible to play together with a friend in the new duos mode. It plays more-or-less like the classic Underlords but gold and heroes can be traded between teammates. Health is also shared, so it's in both players best interest to work together.

With all these changes, a sleeker UI was also needed to keep things manageable. Both the PC and mobile version got a UI makeover in this update.

For a full list of changes, check out the official patch notes.



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