Mojang Pushes new Minecraft Java Village and Pillage Update

Minecraft village and pillage update

Mojang continues their support of Minecraft Java today with the release of the new update 'Village & Pillage'. If you keep up with the snapshot versions then most of this won't be new to you but for those that only play occasionally, there's a lot to dig into.

As suggested by the name, this update is centered around villager mechanics. Villagers now look different depending on the biome that they're found in and there are several new blocks like looms and fletching tables to keep the villagers occupied. Depending on how many of these new blocks there are around the village will determine how many of each profession of villager can spawn. Trading has also gotten an update with a new UI and new mechanics for determining what villagers will trade.

As if there wasn't enough new content in the update already, the textures have been overhauled as well. A lot of the new textures look quite nice but some also look a bit weird in my opinion. Check them out for yourself and comment below what you think.

Minecraft village and pillage update pandas

And of course... PANDAS!!! They have been available on other versions of Minecraft for a while but this is the first time outside of the snapshots that they have appeared on the Java version.

Check out the full list of changes on Minecraft's official post.



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